Thursday, March 24, 2011

‘Trade Secrets’ a Nature Biotechnology's blog about life science entrepreneurship

To those of you who are interested in discussion on Nature Biotechnology's Bioentrepreneur blog about life science entrepreneurship, get ready for sharing ‘Trade Secrets’ in an interactive blogging experience.

Thanks to the joint efforts of Brady Huggett, Business Editor of Nature Biotechnology and Justin Chakma, Commercialization and Innovation Consultant at McLaughlin-Rotman Centre for Global Health, University of Toronto for the recent initiative tailored specifically for the core readership of its Bioentrepreneur section.

The blog is an extension of Nature Biotechnology's Bioentrepreneur portal and provides a forum for biotechnology's international voices. Contributors hail from India, China, Latin American, North America, Europe and beyond, and their backgrounds span the biotech spectrum. This forum will provide regular insight and commentary from those actually building biotechnology sectors around the globe. We anticipate a lively, global conversation, and we invite aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, students and educators, life science researchers and anyone else with an interest in commercial translation of discoveries to join the dialogue. You'll need to sign up with Nature Network to post comments - it is free to do so.

Since 1998, Nature Biotechnology's Bioentrepreneur has been capturing key insights and advice for those directly involved in shaping the innovative biotech sector. In turn, we've passed down this guidance from industry insiders and past entrepreneurs to the new generation of innovators. The result is more than 300 accumulated articles in the Bioentrepreneur archives and the creation of a rich resource - often from notable, primary sources - for those just beginning to make their way in the biotech industry.