Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Biotechnology in India: Public-Private Partnerships

My recent article on 'Biotechnology in India: Public-Private Partnerships' has been published by the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, published from UK. Please take a look at the abstract below.


The purpose of the study being a survey of public sector- private industry collaborations of the biotechnology sector in India, an organizational and functional overview of this sector was needed. Therefore, rather than studying a hypothetical biotechnology sector in India, the area of this work confined to study the public-private partnerships (PPP) that are occurring in India in the area of modern biotechnology. The Indian Government has been playing an important role in the development of biotechnology sector from the very beginning and there are large numbers of R&D institutions (Scientific, Medical, Industrial and Agricultural) which have been set up by the Government during the past two-three decades. Indian Biotechnology industry is advancing towards new heights in alignment with the growth and progression observed globally. The past performance of the industry indicates that it has surpassed the growth rate of many other industries. This paper also highlights the favorable national policies undertaken to strengthen the Indian biotechnology industry. It is in this context that the paper shows that these collaborations are an expression of more general trends towards a changing role for the country in economic production.

In case, you are interested reading further on this topic, please send me an email to receive the preprint copy of it.

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