Sunday, November 18, 2007

Crisis Management –Technology competent, product license terminated Biotech Company

There are many examples to quote for the major challenge faced by the world’s most successful as well as start-up biotech companies: how to overcome the crisis of technologically competent, product license terminated situation of biotech companies. The question is with little or no money situation, how to generate the sufficient clinical data for the re-evaluation of the drug by the regulatory bodies and how to stay alive until the supporting clinical data is generated! Here, the three best possible options are addressed to overcome this situation and you are welcome to add more to it!

The ‘Tripod’ business model offers a solution:

1. Seek government funding for the better development of the drug and the technology.

If the public health is a major concern, government would most likely to take initiative to support funding a clinical programme and the associated technology development with the industry in collaboration. This way the company can pursue the government agency as a licensing partner in the similar areas of clinical development and generate revenue.

2. Develop the next-stage technology platform and license it for multiple techno-based applications.

The main interest of this strategic management would be to progress the marketing of products based on the technology platform. It would build future values in the form of royalties and potential royalty payments could generate future profits for the company in question. This would ultimately build the company’s own manufacturing capacity.

3. Drive the revenues by selling the drug-associated research reagents and increase recognition of the company.

The technology-related research reagents could be added to the company’s portfolio. This would generate revenues and create awareness and acceptance of the next-stage technology. In addition to building a strong customer base, it would lead to licensing and partnership opportunities.

All the above strategies could go hand-in-hand by partnering with other biotech companies for a secure and manageable future of the company.

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